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The internet was originally developed as a communications network between the computers of the U.S. government and affiliated academic institutions. Today, the internet is global in scope with many businesses, individuals, institutions and governments contributing resources and content which fuel its growth. According to a recent survey, over 180 million Americans use the internet monthly and 350 million people throughout the world are net savvy.

With this expansion, novel legal issues have arisen. Internet law encompasses a variety of topics, including: domain name disputes, meta tag disputes, distributed and open software licenses and contracts, ICANN regulations, Digital Millennium Copyright Act enforcement proceedings, cybersquatting disputes, privacy violations, identity theft, safe harbor agreements and spam violations, just to name a few.

Lott & Fischer prides itself in its expertise in internet law. Our attorneys have a wide variety of internet-relevant backgrounds and actively participate and lead in policy discussions, debates, and committees regarding the internet and ICANN. We have prosecuted and defended domain name disputes, licensed material for Internet use, drafted a wide range of contracts, including privacy policies and end user license agreements (EULAs) for our clients, and assisted in the transfer of numerous domain names.

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