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  • Leslie J. Lott, at the request of Florida Bar President Michael Higer, spoke on behalf of The Florida Bar at the induction ceremony for the admission of new attorneys on May 7, 2018 ceremony at Florida International University before the Third Circuit Court of Appeals. (click for document)

Listed below is a selection of articles written by Lott & Fischer attorneys on the topics of patents, trademarks, copyrights, trade secrets, the internet, and general intellectual property. If you have any questions regarding the articles, feel free to contact one of our attorneys.

General IP

  • Intellectual Property Issues In Comparative Advertising (2007)
  • Sales Claims May Waive Attorney-Client Privilege (2006)
  • eBay vs. MercExchange – a Patent Split Emerges in the High Court (2006)
  • When does an Editor’s input create a Joint Work of Authorship (2006)
  • Alternative Frameworks for Dispute Resolution (2002)
  • Palm solutions for lawyers (2001)
  • Protecting Intellectual Property Rights (1998)
  • Covenants Not to Compete in Intellectual Property Transactions
  • How to Conduct an Intellectual Property Audit (1998)
  • Winning at Mediation in Intellectual Property Cases (1999)


  • Leslie Lott was quoted in a USA Today article in connection with the firm’s representation of Orlando Melbourne International Airport in a dispute with Orlando International Airport. (2017)
  • Leslie Lott spoke on “Current Issues in Advanced Trademark Law” at the Practising Law Institute conference, held in New York on May 11, 2017. (2017)
  • Congress Passes Trademark Dilution Revision Act of 2006 (2006)
  • The Fundamentals of Trademark Law (1995)
  • Trademark Parody (2012)


  • Federal Circuit does not have Exclusive Juridisction (2002)
  • Supreme Court Vacates Festo (2002)
  • Patent Infringement Checklist (2000)


  • Dancing in the Window: Privacy and Social Media (2018)
  • Domain Name Dispute Options (2002)
  • Personal Jurisdiction in the Internet World (2002)
  • The DeCSS Story: Struggle for Power in the Digital Age (2001)

Trade Secrets

  • Trade Secrets (1999)

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