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Lead and Local Counsel IP Litigation – Northern District of Florida

Intellectual property litigation presents a variety of unique issues, challenges and opportunities. At Lott & Fischer, we help our clients overcome the hurdles to protecting their interests while taking a strategic approach to leveraging the opportunities that are available. We serve as counsel for IP litigation in the Northern District of Florida, working with companies and law firms of all sizes that need to know they (or their clients) are in good hands.

Our IP litigation team is led by founding partners Leslie Lott and Ury Fischer. They founded the firm in 1983, and since then, they have built it into a powerhouse known for its ability to efficiently achieve favorable results in federal court. They have both been named among “The Best Lawyers in America®” by their peers every year since 2006, and both Leslie and Ury have been recognized by numerous other industry publications as among the leading lawyers for IP litigation in Florida.

Cases We Handle in the Northern District of Florida

We serve as trial or local counsel for IP litigation in the Northern District of Florida involving all types of intellectual property rights and all types of IP-related issues. This includes handling litigation in Gainesville, Panama City, Pensacola and Tallahassee in the areas of:

Patent Litigation

A significant portion of our practice involves representing clients in patent litigation in Florida’s federal courts. We represent patent owners, patent applicants, licensees, assignees, alleged infringers and other parties in matters involving design, utility and plant patents—seeking to find solutions that avoid trial when possible and taking cases to verdict when necessary. Patent litigation can be inordinately complex, so it is essential to have experienced counsel who is familiar not only with the relevant technical subject matter and substantive legal issues but with the local court rules and procedures as well.

Trademark Litigation

We also have extensive experience representing clients in federal trademark litigation. We serve as lead and local counsel in the Northern District of Florida for trademark-related litigation involving infringement claims, priority disputes, claims of genericism and descriptiveness, and other issues governed by the Lanham Act. While we have protected many of the world’s leading brands in trademark litigation, we have a proven track record of providing effective defense representation as well.

Other IP-Related Litigation

Along with patent and trademark litigation, we also handle all other types of IP-related litigation in Florida’s Northern District. This includes (but is not limited to) litigation involving:

  • Copyright disputes
  • Trade secret disputes
  • License disputes
  • Internet-related IP issues
  • IP disputes in the arts and entertainment industry

Contact Lott & Fischer | Lead and Local Counsel for IP Litigation in the Northern District of Florida

To learn more about our team, our areas of practice or our experience serving as lead or local counsel for IP litigation in the Northern District of Florida, contact us today. Call 305-448-7089 or tell us how we can get in touch online to schedule an appointment at Lott & Fischer today.

Leslie Lott and Ury Fischer are both Board Certified in Intellectual Property Law by the Florida Bar—and they have been since the inception of the Florida Bar’s Intellectual Property Law Certification program. Ury has also served as Chair of the Florida Bar’s Intellectual Property Law Certification Committee. As the Florida Bar explains, the purpose of its Intellectual Property Law Certification program is to identify lawyers who “have the special knowledge, skills, and proficiency, as well as the character, ethics, and reputation for professionalism, to be properly identified to the public as certified intellectual property lawyers.”