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Miami IP Lawyers for Artists, Athletes, Performers and the Entertainment Industry

South and Central Florida’s entertainment industry is booming. From movies and television shows featuring Miami’s famed beachfront Art Deco architecture to world-renowned music artists and media personalities, all segments of the entertainment industry offer opportunities for exposure, growth and success.

At Lott & Fischer, our bilingual attorneys help artists, athletes, performers, studios, agencies and other clients achieve their goals through strategic intellectual property (IP) protection and the monetization of IP rights through licensing agreements and other contracts. We work with local clients as well as out-of-state and foreign clients who are relocating to South Florida or negotiating deals in Florida, and in our decades of experience we have represented some of the area’s top American, Hispanic, and international entertainment and media entities and professionals.

Our Services

We serve clients in advertising, art, film, theater and performing arts, digital media, music, video, publishing, radio, merchandising, television and sports in the following areas:


Copyright protection is essential to the commercialization of art and media in all facets of entertainment. We help our clients secure copyright protection in the U.S. and abroad, and we advise and represent clients with regard to copyright licensing, transfers of ownership, division of exclusive rights, work-for-hire considerations, infringement and enforcement. We have experience dealing with complex copyright issues in all media, including making use of the Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA) and other sources of authority to protect our clients’ IP assets online.


Trademark protection, or “brand” protection, is a fundamental aspect of media and entertainment as well. We help clients secure exclusive trademark rights through registration with the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) and foreign trademark offices, and we help to monetize and enforce our clients’ trademarks, including characters, through licensing, “cease and desist” demands and litigation.

Right of Publicity and Character Protection

From cartoon characters to team mascots, characters are an important part of our entertainment practice. Whether trademark registration, copyright of drawings or costumes, or design patent protection for three dimensional works,  there are a number of options to protect fictitious characters. For celebrities, and even for ordinary citizens, Florida Statutes offer protection from the unauthorized use of a name or likeness for any commercial purpose, while trademark rights and principles of unfair competition offer further protection. Our attorneys are well-versed in rights of publicity and character protection.

Contract Negotiations

If you are an artist, athlete or performer and you have received an agreement to sign, or if you own or manage an agency, studio, label or other business and need legal advice on negotiating a talent contract, our attorneys bring their extensive IP and litigation backgrounds to bear, to make sure your rights and interests are secure. We routinely represent clients in the negotiation of licensing, endorsement, right of publicity,  performance, and other contracts that are unique to the art and entertainment industries, as well as contracts for software and app development, and other engagements and transactions.

Contract Drafting

For clients who need to pursue contractual relationships in the art and entertainment industries and do not have a proposed agreement as a starting point, we provide custom contract drafting services. Our attorneys rely on experience gained from representing clients in many transactions and contract-related disputes to prepare detailed agreements that protect our clients’ interests and reflect relevant industry standards.

Schedule an Appointment in Miami, FL

For more information about our services, please contact our Miami, FL law offices to schedule a confidential initial consultation. To request an appointment with an entertainment attorney at Lott & Fischer, call 305-448-7089 or contact us online.