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Global IP Protection Lawyers in Miami, FL

In today’s economy, many companies need to protect their intellectual property (IP) assets on a global scale. From registering and licensing patents, trademarks and designs to challenging third-party registration applications and combatting infringement, companies must diligently cultivate and preserve their IP in order to avoid losing their rights entirely.

At Lott & Fischer, we provide global IP protection services for clients ranging from individual inventors and entrepreneurs to Fortune 100 companies. We register our clients’ assets with IP offices around the world, and we represent clients in cross-border contract negotiations in developing and developed countries. When disputes arise in the U.S., we use our vast litigation experience to vigorously defend our clients’ IP; and, when disputes arise overseas, we work with our network of corresponding attorneys to ensure that our clients’ intangible assets are secure.

International Patent Protection

The Patent Cooperation Treaty (PCT) assistes inventors and companies in preserving their patents in more than 150 countries worldwide with a single international application filed in the US. We represent clients in the prosecution of international applications under the PCT as well as under the laws of individual international jurisdictions. We also represent clients with regard to pre-filing patent searches, patent licensing and other transactions, and multi-jurisdictional patent litigation.

International Trademark Protection

We assist clients with the establishment and maintenance of global trademark portfolios, including registration under the Madrid Protocol, the Paris Convention, and other international treaties. We also assist clients in filing and prosecuting trademark registration applications directly with individual IP offices worldwide, and we have extensive experience in all aspects of global trademark licensing and enforcement. With the rules regarding priority and other key aspects of trademark protection varying across international jurisdictions, it takes skilled and experienced counsel to assemble a valuable global trademark portfolio, and we have a proven record of success protecting some of the world’s most well-known brands.

International Design Protection

While design protection is a concept that is foreign to many U.S.-based companies, it is an essential component of a comprehensive international IP protection strategy. Our attorneys work with clients to identify designs that are eligible for registration, determine the jurisdictions in which registration is required, and fully-prosecute design registration applications under the Hague Agreement, the Paris Convention and other sources of international authority. As with all other forms of IP, we represent clients in transactions and litigation involving internationally-registered designs as well.

Not sure what you need? That’s okay. With our integrative and hands-on approach, we can help you understand what you need to protect and where you need to protect it. We can also help you understand where you may be at risk for infringing on pre-existing third-party rights, and we can determine if you have grounds to challenge any active registrations or pending applications abroad.

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