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Miami IP Lawyers for Trade Secret Protection and Enforcement

Protecting trade secrets presents unique challenges. Unlike copyrights, trademarks and patents, trade secrets derive their value from being kept strictly confidential, yet companies must be able to deploy and execute on their trade secrets in order to achieve a competitive edge.

There are two key aspects of trade secret protection: confidentiality and enforcement. In order to secure trade secret status, companies must vigorously safeguard their proprietary information through logical and legal means. Likewise, when a breach of confidentiality or trust threatens to expose protected information to the marketplace, companies must take swift and aggressive action to ensure that the value of their trade secrets remains secure.

Protection for Trade Secrets and Confidential Information in the U.S. and Abroad

At Lott & Fischer, we represent companies of all sizes and in all industries with respect to trade secret protection and enforcement. We routinely assist clients with matters including:

Confidential Information

Not all confidential information qualifies for trade secret protection. If your company has confidential information that does not constitute a trade secret under the Federal Defend Trade Secrets Act, Florida’s Uniform Trade Secrets Act, or any other applicable source of trade secret protection, we can assist with protecting your company’s information through execution of appropriate contracts with employees and vendors, negotiation of procurement and licensing contracts for data security services and infrastructure, and other legal means.


For many companies, the first step toward implementing a comprehensive trade secret protection program involves identifying the assets that need to be protected. We work closely with our clients’ executives, in-house attorneys and departmental leaders to identify existing assets that require protection and to implement policies and procedures for ensuring prompt identification and protection of newly-developed proprietary assets on an ongoing basis.

Protective Measures

We provide recommendations and legal assistance for the adoption of protective measures that are appropriately tailored to our clients’ unique business needs and organizational structures. This includes assistance with information technology (IT) licensing and acquisitions, physical access controls, internal policies and procedures, and third-party contracting.

Drafting Agreements

In many cases, existing agreements and contracts proposed by third-party providers will be insufficient to protect companies’ trade secrets and other proprietary information. We draft customized and comprehensive agreements that are designed to proactively ensure protection and provide immediate access to legal remedies should the need arise.


When it comes to protecting trade secrets through the courts, companies must act quickly in order to avoid irreparable loss of their exclusive rights. With our extensive experience in trade secret litigation in state and federal court, our attorneys can take action immediately, if necessary, in order to prevent, curtail or mitigate the consequences of unauthorized disclosure.

Contact Our Miami IP Law Offices to Learn More

If you would like more information about how we can help protect your company’s intangible property, or if you need legal representation for protecting your company’s trade secrets in court, we encourage you to contact us for a confidential consultation. To speak with an IP lawyer at our offices in Miami, FL, please call 305-448-7089 or contact us online.