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Litigating Trademark Disputes in Florida and Protecting Clients’ Brands Worldwide

We do what it takes to protect our clients’ trademarks. Period. With an extensive litigation practice in Florida as well as a registration and enforcement practice that spans the globe, we provide comprehensive trademark protection services to clients with portfolios ranging from individual trademarks to dozens of global brands.

Comprehensive Initial and Ongoing Trademark Protection

Securing and maintaining exclusivity requires extensive knowledge and the ability to manage potential risks on an ongoing basis. This includes selecting and developing protectable trademarks to enforcing marks registered with the United States Patent and Trademark Office and other intellectual property offices around the world. We represent some of the world’s leading brands in protecting their trademark rights in the United States and abroad and offer all of our clients the same level of service whether they have hired us to protect a single principal trademark or entrusted us to keep their global reputation secure.

Our services span the entire trademark lifecycle, including:  

  • Counseling on the Strength of Potential Marks

Our experienced trademark attorneys assist clients to select marks that will be as strong and unique as possible, using accepted guidelines on the types of marks that are accorded the strongest protection. 

  • Searching and Clearing trademarks for Adoption and Use

We conduct trademark searches in the United States and internationally, and explain the results and the implications to clients, helping them to make informed decisions about acceptable level of foreseeable risks.

  • Prioritizing and Implementing Trademark Registration Programs

With clients undertaking extensive and/or multinational registration programs, we help to prioritize what steps are necessary and when, and what steps may safely be postponed, helping clients to budget appropriately.

  • International Development and Protection Strategy

We assist clients in developing an international registration and enforcement strategy, based on practical considerations of business risks, costs and priorities. With the help of our network of corresponding attorneys, we are able to secure protection for clients’ trademarks in the United States, Canada, Mexico, Australia, New Zealand, South America, Europe, Africa, Asia, the Caribbean Basin, and the Middle East.

  • Maintenance and Enforcement of Trademark Rights

We maintain registered trademarks in a calendar database, which enables us to advise clients when trademark registrations are due for renewal or other maintenance requirements. In addition to representing clients in various proceedings, we also maintain an extensive litigation practice focused on representing local, national and international companies in trademark disputes throughout Florida and the world.

Q&A with Miami Trademark Lawyers Leslie J. Lott and Ury Fischer

Q: What is Trademark “Clearance”?

“Clearance” refers to the process of determining whether a trademark is available for use and registration. If a competitor has already adopted a trademark that you wish to use, conducting thorough clearance research in the appropriate jurisdiction(s) can help you avoid filing an unsuccessful registration application, the necessity for rebranding, and the potential for costly infringement litigation.

Q: Where Should I Register My Company’s Trademarks?

Determining where to register your trademarks is one of the first steps in developing and executing a comprehensive protection strategy. When you engage our trademark attorneys to represent you, we will work with you to understand the current and anticipated scope of your business so that we can recommend appropriate registrations.

Q: Another Company is Challenging My Company’s Registration. What Should I Do?

If another company has filed an opposition to your pending application for registration, you will need to respond appropriately to avoid the loss of trademark rights. Our attorneys routinely represent clients on both sides of opposition proceedings, and we can take all the steps necessary to protect your application.

Q: How Can I Stop a Competitor from Using My Trademark?

If a competitor is infringing your company’s trademark rights, one option for stopping the infringement promptly is to obtain a temporary restraining order or a preliminary injunction. If you need to take legal action against trademark infringement in South Florida, we can quickly determine and execute your best course of action.

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